Projects Period 2022

One of Sant Bani School’s signature events is Projects Period, a program in which students craft a learning experience of their choice, and then share their experience with their peers.  Projects Period allows students to pursue an individual passion that might not be part of the classroom curriculum, teaches students about meeting deadlines, and gives public speaking experience.  The number of hours students are expected to work on their project increases as they progress through the grades. 

One-hundred ten students completed a project for Projects Period; 22 Middle School students opted to complete their project during the summer, which is an option for students once they reach Middle School.  Projects Period is optional for Kindergarten.

For students completing their project in March, the process begins with an introductory session in January.  Students then spend the month brainstorming potential topics and submit a proposal by early February.  Once the proposal is approved, students continue to plan their project and presentation until Projects Period, a two-week break which is dedicated to allowing students to complete their projects.

When school resumes after Projects Period, the first two days are reserved for project presentation.  Typically done in one common location, students presented in grade cohorts this year as a COVID-19 safety measure.

Examples of project topics this year include: What is important for making cookies?; My Family Tree; Origami; Designing a Geography Board Game; Wildlife of Coastal North Carolina; 3D Printing; Learning to Sew; Making Pastries; Egyptian Mythology; The Wonders of Stop Motion; Designing a Tiny House; Steam Engines; Vegetarian Cooking and Videos; Mountain Bike Repair; and Making a Table.  

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