Mission & Values

Sant Bani School Mission Statement

Sant Bani School is built on the belief that we have something to learn from everyone. Surrounded by nature, we create a diverse community where respect for all living things is central. Our mission is to provide a high-level, comprehensive educational experience while also recognizing the value of the spirit. With small classes, committed faculty, and an emphasis on collaboration and service to others, Sant Bani School teaches students to Be Good, Do Good, Be One.

Core Principles and Values

Both Sant Bani Ashram and Sant Bani School were founded under the direction of a spiritual teacher from India, Sant Kirpal Singh, and his successor, Sant Ajaib Singh.  Including in the School’s founding guidelines were three Core Principles that are sustained in perpetuity:

Additionally, core educational beliefs laid out by Sant Kirpal Singh and supported by Sant Ajaib Singh include: 

  • Each one of us is unique. There is a divine purpose behind the life of everyone who comes into the world. We have something to learn from everyone.
  • The best education is that which teaches us that the end of knowledge is service.
  • This ‘service’ is another name for love and fellowship, which constitute the very essence of personal and social life.
  • It is a constant association with gentle forces which breeds virtuous persons.
  • A child is the center of creative life, and needs to be opened as a flower is opened, gently, by sympathy, not by force.
  • The real aim of education is to develop the character and individuality of the pupil’s mind, will, and soul power.

While the school follows certain Ashram guidelines, such as requiring all meals consumed on campus to be vegetarian, Sant Bani School does not apply pressure on anyone to accept a certain set of beliefs and welcomes students and faculty from all backgrounds. 


Sant Bani School values:

  • An open, judgment-free environment that builds confidence and encourages curiosity and creativity
  • Academic, social and emotional learning
  • Collaboration and critical thinking
  • Mutual respect, fairness and inclusiveness
  • Service to others, connecting empathy and generosity of spirit with action
  • Nature and the experience of being outdoors
  • Quiet time, simplicity and reflection
  • Expanding students’ horizons and connecting with the world around us
  • Having fun together

A Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Sant Bani School believes we have something to learn from everyone and commits to foster a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community for students, families, alumni, employees, the Board of Trustees, and the broader community in which they feel safe, valued, and known. With the founding principles of service learning, the idea that every person is unique, and the demonstration of kindness and respect to each living thing, Sant Bani School values diversity in all areas. We recognize the role that education plays in creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive world. We will work to foster courage and skills to speak against individuals, actions, and institutions which hurt or hinder the lives of others. We remain continually engaged with this work and know that it will always require reflection and advocacy.

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