Middle School (6-8)

Middle School

The Middle School nurtures individuality in its students and fosters responsibility, service to the community, and collaboration. Emphasis is placed on development of critical thinking, creativity, and intellectual curiosity. Students continue developing self-confidence and working to express kindness and empathy towards others, building on the skills Sant Bani School begins teaching its students at an early age.

Middle School students return to the Middle Building, where their classrooms are closest to our youngest students; it is not uncommon to see a Middle School student mentoring a K-2 student.  Students begin working with faculty advisors, and preparation for the transition to High School begins with eighth graders participating in a full-year “Transition to High School” program.

Teachers consistently facilitate fun, active learning. Understanding that our students are going through an intense, energetic developmental period, we embrace and nurture their growth. Because of our small size and the opportunity to work with students in a variety of environments outside of the classroom (including the natural world around us), we know the individuals we teach; therefore, we can more effectively craft lessons that meet their diverse needs.

Transition to High School

During their eighth grade year, all Sant Bani School students participate in the School’s “Transition to High School” program.  Transition to High School helps students identify personal strengths and weaknesses, set goals, practice test-taking skills, role-play interview scenarios, write a strong application, and make choices based on reasonable outcomes.

Students from Sant Bani School matriculate to hometown public schools, local private secondary schools, and private boarding schools. Our aim is to help students find a school that will provide them with challenges and opportunities to reach their personal goals, using the year-long “Taking Flight” program  to guide them in navigating their options.

Middle School Faculty Directory

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