athletics at Sant bani school

Sant Bani School views participation in athletics as an integral part of a complete educational experience.  The School’s Athletic Department provides an array of programs that encourages students of all ability levels to participate. Personal growth, teamwork, and good sportsmanship are strongly emphasized. Our goal is to help build confidence, fitness, healthy responsibility, and life-long interests among those students participating while also teaching and developing skills such as teamwork, friendly competition, and respect.

Students in grades 5 – 8 may participate in interscholastic sports.  While a sport is in-season, teams practice during the after-school enrichment time slot Monday through Thursday and typically play one or two games each week.  Sant Bani School holds interscholastic competition in the following sports:

Fall: Cross Country, Soccer
Winter: Rock Climbing
Spring: Track and Field

With sufficient interest, other sports may be offered as a club.

The School offers recreational activities throughout the school year during the after-school enrichment for students in grades K-6; in the winter, these activities are available to all students to allow everyone who is interested a chance to participate.  While specific activities differ each year dependent upon interest, examples of recreational activities held in recent years include hiking, golf, disc golf, cycling and/or mountain biking, ice skating, skiing, and lacrosse.

There also is an organized physical education program included in the School curriculum for students in grades K-5. 

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